Is checking references on your candidates an important step in your hiring process? ApplicantPro even makes reference checks easier and more streamlined with reference check email software.

It is important to learn all that you can about the your applicants. One way to do that is to check the references provided by your applicants. This gives you a personal insight into the work ethic, character, and experience for your candidates.

No matter the importance, many times tracking down references can be a challenge. Our hiring software aims to make even reference checking easier for you.

ApplicantPro provides reference checking email software. Once this feature is turned on in our hiring software, your applicants can enter the contact information of their references. After careful review by you and your team, that candidate’s references can be checked via email if you would like. An email will be generated to the candidate’s references requesting more information about that specific candidate. Any responses will be associated with that candidate and stored in ApplicantPro.

If you would personally like to contact the references over the phone, you can do that too! We have an area under each candidate where you can log the reference information you receive. This makes collaboration with managers easy and keeps all of the applicant information in one place.