Recruiting Tracking Software

Businesses who choose to hire without recruiting tracking software often find that there are many problems that arise during the hiring process. Problems such as:

  • Too many applicants. You’re overloaded with résumés and applications with no quick way of sorting them.
  • Not enough applicants. You can’t seem to get the word out to the job boards that your company is hiring. This is especially true of small start-up businesses.
  • Paper process. The bulk of your applications have been submitted via PDF or personally, which means you have to look at each individual application in order to narrow down your options.
  • Engaging managers. Sometimes it can be a problem to give hiring managers access to HR information and files.
  • Applicant communication. It’s incredibly easy to lose touch with an applicant, and communicating with all applicants can be too troublesome to bother.

Fortunately, all of these problems have a solution: applicant tracking software. ApplicantPro offers a resume tracking software system that is easy to use and geared towards the needs of small to middle sized companies and not just those of larger corporations.

ApplicantPro’s Applicant Tracking Systems

There are four steps to any applicant tracking process offered by ApplicantPro:

  1. Job Postings: ApplicantPro will post your job description in three venues: free job boards, paid job boards and social networks.
  2. Applicant Screening: ApplicantPro’s résumé tracking software will then sift through all the applications that were submitted.
  3. Tracking and Reporting: Our tracking and reporting system will send you a report of which applicants qualify for the position based on the screening process.
  4. Manager Access: Your managers can access the system and make decisions based on the information that the applicants provide, as well as the reports which will give them a breakdown of skills and qualifications.

Each of these steps is available through a basic offering, or you can customize your package according to your company’s needs.

Benefits of Employing ApplicantPro’s Software

It may seem pointless to pay a third party for a hiring solution, but the fact of the matter is that ApplicantPro has an established precedent for saving our clients both time and money. By removing so many hiring hassles, HR managers can focus on their core responsibilities, like training existing employees, while also selecting the top candidates for posted job positions. ApplicantPro also offers free ongoing support through your account representative and support team.