Recruit Management Software = Efficiency

Organization and strategy are important to any hiring process. Without them, you run into issues like messy application filing or a lack of collaboration between hiring managers. If your hiring process is weighed down by hassles like these, listen up. ApplicantPro helps get your hiring system under control with our recruit management software. Tailored specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, our resume management software can easily track where you post a job, who applied for it, and out of those applicants, who is the most qualified for the position.

How Does Recruiting Software Make My Job Easier?

ApplicantPro has developed our recruit management system to make life easier for HR managers. Setup and implementation is incredibly simple, and we don’t just pack up and leave you to fend for yourself once everything is in place. We help you understand exactly how everything works with ongoing support. Here is a basic guideline of how our online system of hiring works and how it eases your process:

  • We create your jobs page for you. Rather than having to develop your own software solution, ApplicantPro creates a career webpage with its own unique URL and matches it to the style and design of your website. This way you can post new job listings with ease and without having to involve your IT department.
  • Job boards and marketing. Our special combination of feeds enables you to push your job postings to a number of high-traffic job boards, from free job boards like and Craigslist to paid job boards like Monster and Careerbuilder.
  • Application Process. With the combination of our customized career site and the increased job board listings, you can easily double your hiring pool with less effort. Perhaps you’re worried about sorting through all those resumes? Not to worry. Applicants applying through the online employment application answer questions written and tailored by you. These job-specific questions allow for the easy screening of applicants and the coordinating of interviews.
  • Reporting and tracking. Our HR management software facilitates better reporting strategies and tracking. You have the ability to use our standard reports that we have built into the software or you can use our report builder to create custom reports. If you don’t know how to build a report, our staff is on hand to help you. We will teach you how to import new hires into your payroll system or create an export report for your applicant log.

At ApplicantPro, we provide the tools to meet your hiring needs. Our recruit management software reduces the hassles and headaches of hiring by automating your application system. You’ll find that online application tracking is a far better solution than sorting through stacks of printed resumes. Don’t wait to invest in human resource management software. Call us today for a free 30-day trial of our recruiting tracking software.