Online Application Tracking: Hiring Made Easy

If resumes are piling up on your desk, it may be time for a hiring solution. Online application tracking empowers HR managers to organize applications and resumes without the hassle of paperwork. They dramatically trim down the process of screening and hiring the best employees by implementing a paperless recruiting software system.

Eliminate Hiring Headaches with an Online Tracking System

Don't get bogged down by the hiring process. As the HR manager, you've got a too much on your plate to waste time sorting through an endless stream of applications and resumes. You've got other responsibilities besides tracking down applicants and gathering pertinent data from their submissions. Other problems you may encounter during hiring include:

  1. A lack of collaboration between managers
  2. Not enough applicants
  3. An abundance of applicants
  4. Spreadsheets and manual reporting
  5. An inbox bursting with unqualified resumes
  6. Unorganized process for filing paper applications

ApplicantPro offers an online application tracking system guaranteed to simplify your recruiting efforts. Allow us to provide you with efficient, and actionable, application results. Our service makes it easier for qualified job hunters to apply online for jobs while simultaneously helping you filter out unqualified candidates, allowing the best applicants to rise to the top of your list.

Four Easy Steps for a Faster Hiring Process

How does online applicant tracking software cut the time it takes to find the right employees? Here are the main steps for setting up our application tracking:

  1. Customize your career page. You will be given a unique URL to jobs webpage we create for you. The jobs page will seamlessly blend with your website design. With the jobs page, you can post position openings without tying up your IT team.
  2. Match your online application to your current application. Applicants who apply on this site will fill out an online application that matches your current application. That application information is then made available to reports which will allow you to sort applicants based off the information they provide, saving you hours on data entry and resume comparison.
  3. Start accepting applications. With ApplicantPro’s application tracking system, you can start accepting online applications within three days of startup.
  4. Don't stress about the screening process. Once an applicant has submitted the application, he or she will be taken to the job screening questions that you have created based on your standards. You can ask up to ten specific screening questions.

Start Your Online Application Tracking for Free with ApplicantPro’s Free Trial

Online application tracking is the new, innovative way to hire employees. ApplicantPro provides affordable human resource management software for small to mid-size companies. Recruiting tracking software helps you organize and speed up your hiring process. We offer a free trial to let you test drive our recruit management software. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back to the old way of sorting through piles of printed resumes.

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