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CEO and Founder

St. George, Utah

Ryan Kohler

HRCI & SHRM Approved Speaker

Ryan, CEO and founder of ApplicantPro, is an HRCI and SHRM-CP Approved Provider devoted to sharing his knowledge and experience to help make your hiring process more strategic and accurate. He currently conducts weekly, free webinars that provide HRCI & SHRM Continuing Education credit. He also presents at several SHRM events around the country, including the National SHRM Conference & Expo platform for the past few years. Ryan enjoys teaching group seminars and sharing his findings from his years in the HR business. Ryan spends lots of time developing useful content and materials for HR professionals to apply to their hiring strategy.

If you are looking for speakers at an upcoming HR event, Ryan may be the perfect guest! A large part of his time is spent traveling and engaging with HR professionals around the country. Speaking engagements allow Ryan to meet new people and gain new insight into our target market while sharing with HR professionals his experience and knowledge. He truly enjoys these opportunities and is open to future ones.

As an HRCI and SHRM Approved Provider, Ryan is able to offer credit for his talks if that's something that fits your venue. The following are approved topics that have been presented at past engagements and can be presented at future ones. If you have a topic you'd like Ryan to speak on or would like to see him at one of your events, please let us know!

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Topics Ryan is ready to speak on

Ryan has presented these SHRM & HRCI approved topics at several past events and would be happy to speak on them again at any time. His speaking style engages the audience as he teaches, covers strategy, and provides next steps for attendees to take home to their teams.

Hiring Metrics & Analytics

Hiring Metrics & Analytics

Aligning your Hiring Process with your Company's Goals and Priorities

Connect the dots between HR metrics and business strategy so that they become one and the same!

By understanding and applying hiring metrics and analytics, HR professionals can add value to the overall objectives of an organization by ensuring that a department's goals align with a company's business strategy.

Tricks to getting more qualified applicants

Tricks to Getting More Qualified Applicants

How to Use Current Trends to Recruit Your Top Talent

A hiring perception shift is necessary for improving processes and recruiting quality talent. Find out how to make these necessary hiring shifts in your own company.

Also learn our top 10 hiring tips to drive applicant flow including career site conversion, streamlining recruiting efforts, and the best job boards to push open positions.

Stay ahead in the hiring game - mobile recruiting

Staying Ahead in the Hiring Game by Adopting Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting - It's Easier and More Important than You Think!

Don't get left behind when it comes to mobile recruiting! Ryan will break down the whole mobile hiring process for both HR professionals and their job seekers.

You will also learn how easy it is to incorporate a mobile recruiting plan into your company's current social outreach and recruiting strategy.

Other Topics Ryan is Passionate About Include:
  • Aligning HR's Goals with a company's overall Business Strategy
  • Employee Retention & Performance
  • How to Attract (lots of) Quality Applicants
  • Decreasing Employee Turnover
  • Writing Engaging Job Ads that Attract Top Candidates
  • Adopting a Mobile Recruiting Strategy
  • Changing your Hiring Approach in order to Drive your Company's Objectives
  • The Value in Hiring stay-at-home Moms
  • Ways to Improve Communication with Applicants

Honestly... it was the best metrics session I went to. Simplified and understandable. Keep doing what you're doing!

- Jillian M.

No constructive feedback. Your session was one of the best I attended this year. The strategic to tactical structure is well done and plenty of practical examples with tools. Solid Work!

- Mike L.

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Ryan's Mission and Goals

Ryan's mission is to help companies, managers, and HR teams improve their hiring results. To do this, he and his team strive to create educational content, tools, integrations, and software to help businesses drive their hiring results.

Because Ryan is an entrepreneur and owns a business that involves working with thousands of HR folks, he understands what it takes to bridge the gap between an organization's vision and the goals of HR. Ryan enjoys working one-on-one with these professionals, empowering them to become more technical, teaching them to think more like a Marketer and how to apply these skills towards hiring. His goal is to educate and inspire HR professionals to streamline their hiring process, create an applicant-friendly interface, and improve hiring results.

Ryan's goal is to educate and inspire HR professionals to streamline their hiring process and create an applicant-friendly interface.

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