Not Enough Applicants

Do you have positions within your organization that sit open for too long? Do you wish you knew the formula for generating more applicants; better yet, more qualified applicants? Our dedicated account managers assist their customers every day to maximize the number of qualified applicants that they receive. Because we are affordable, you can post all of your open positions, not just your management jobs. By doing so, you can generate a more diversified applicant pool. We also help you push your open jobs to free job boards to gain even more exposure in just a few easy clicks. More applicants are within your grasp!

Free Job Board Posting

Would you like to generate a nice applicant pool without breaking the bank? ApplicantPro helps you post to several popular and effective job boards with a few clicks of your mouse. Sites like,, and others can generate a large pool without costing you more money.

Screening Questions

Do you have too many applicants for your open positions? Do you find yourself sifting through stacks of resumes just to discover most of those that applied don’t meet the minimum qualifications for the job? Let ApplicantPro simplify this process with our intuitive hiring software. We encourage our customers to set up screening questions when they are writing up their job ad. Each applicant will be required to answer these questions and will be scored based on their answers. You can easily settle in on the most qualified group for further review.

Unlimited Logins

Unlike many of our competitors, we price our hiring software based on number of employees within your organization. The good thing about that is that anyone that needs access to see applicant data can do so without breaking the bank. You can limit which applicants they see based on department, location, branch, store, etc. They only see the data for those they are responsible for and the ones you assign them. Collaborating in this way makes it so your team is more efficient and can work together to find the best fit for every open position.