When it comes to finding people to expand your company, hiring effective sales reps will be one of the most essential parts of the process. You need to have a strong sales team because the work sales reps perform bring in the leads and, in extension, bring in revenue. Here are some tips to find the best sales reps for your organization.

Understand the Sales Process

HR representatives in charge of hiring sales reps normally don’t have experience in that specific job field themselves, which can make finding a person ideal for the job complicated. Before hiring a sales rep it’s important to understand the sales process. Make a list of all the essential aspects of the job and what is required from sales reps.

Review Applicant Sales Background

As you review the candidates it’s inherent in the process to review their sales background. What experience do applicants have in sales that are similar to your industry? While the person could be new to your industry, there’s a basic understanding of sales that they should possess in order for you to be confident in their selling potential. Talk to some of their past or current clients to determine if they have been effective and have created a positive impression with those they’ve worked with previously. The more you learn about applicants personally, the easier it will be to determine if they will fit in well with your organization.

Consider Trial Period Hires

Some people want to hire immediately while others hire on a trial period to determine if the applicant is the best sales individual for the job. This is a good way to test the applicant’s sales skills in the actual industry. You are able to see how well they interact with customers and if they can close a sale. Use ApplicantPro’s software to screen through your candidates and create a pool of sales applicants who are ideal for the job.