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Without pre-employment testing, it's nearly impossible to identify an applicant's skills or personality with just their resume or application in hand. Let us help you get a better picture of your top candidates with pre-employment assessments!

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Being able to predict an applicant's performance in a new position, their personality fit, top skills, knowledge, and projected retainability can save your company time and money, but having that foresight is impossible. With Assessments by ApplicantPro, you get a snapshot of what they will be like and how they can benefit your company. Having your top candidates complete an industry or job specific pre-employment test gives you peace of mind that you're hiring someone who is going to make a difference.

Our sister company, SelectiveHiring, is one of the best Assessment providers around. We're confident we can get you the results you need to make a smart hiring decision!

decreases turnover

Decreases Turnover

increased applicant quality

Increases Applicant Quality

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Easy to Use

We offer over 75 behavioral, cognitive, and skill-based test scales. Our "Out of the Box" assessments are standalone pre-designed tests that combine multiple Behavioral Sections and Cognitive Sections for a specific job or industry. By using assessments, you will be able to compare each potential applicant on exactly the same skill sets, dispositions, and behavioral characteristics. Our most popular types cover a variety of areas including Workplace Personality, Cognitive Aptitude, Emotional Intelligence/EQ, Typing Speed, Character, and Work Ethic.

Our Assessment services are considered an integrated product and are in addition to your ApplicantPro ATS account. Therefore, assessments will be billed separately from ApplicantPro. That being said, you can easily request all pre-employment assessments within the ApplicantPro portal. Candidates you choose to learn more about will be sent a request via email to take the selected assessment, according to the needs of your organization.

Yes! We offer a free trial so you can see how our assessments work for your organization. If you like what you see, you can easily add Assessments to your regular hiring process within ApplicantPro!

Results include incredibly insightful information of the pre-determined scales that make up either the company culture or job-specific testing.

A full sample results report can be viewed here.

We are the most configurable, transparent, easy to use, and affordable assessment provider on the market. Learn why during a free trial!

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At ApplicantPro we are always looking for ways to keep our clients happy. We partner with the following Pre-employment Assessments providers, which allows you to breathe easy knowing we will get you the results you need to make the best choice.

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Your assessments helped us reduce turnover by 32% during a time when our industry is seeing turnover increase! Thank you!

- Katelyn M.

Teachers Federal Credit Union

client quote

Thanks to the assessments of ApplicantPro we have been hiring much stronger applicants than we previously did!

- Betsy N.

Bethesda Country Club

client quote

We ran the numbers and we are looking at an 86x ROI. The team is loving it!

- Greg J.

Penn Foster

client quote

ApplicantPro's Selective Hiring Assessments helped us reduce our turnover from 73% to 32% for our caregivers.

- Elizabeth V.

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