Join us for a FREE EEOC Compliance Webinar

In this webinar we will be answering many questions as it relates to compliance with your hiring process. Some of these questions include:

Are paper applications creating a legal problem I am unaware of?
Does a PDF Job Application online violate the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)?
I am under 100 employees, am I still subject to hiring laws? If so, in what way?
Should I accept resumes for non-existing positions?
I am just an office admin. I was just thrown into HR: HELP!

We will be answering these questions and more in our upcoming webinar.

Because of the popularity of this subject, we are providing the webinar on three different days at three different times for your convenience.

You are welcome to select a time that best fits your schedule.

Webinar Dates and Times

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April 4th

Tuesday, 9am MST
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April 5th

Wednesday, 12pm MST
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April 6th

Thursday, 2pm MST
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