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“In short, it’s one of the best tools I’ve used in my HR career.”

Terri B.

Vice President, Human Resources

Banking, 51-200 employees

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With ApplicantPro you can achieve more than ever!

  • Provide an awesome candidate experience with two stage applications, text and email messaging, electronic rejection letters, offer letters, new hire paperwork, and more!
  • An incredible employee referral portal that will dramatically increase your qualified applicants and effectively reduce turnover.
  • Rapidly screen & filter your candidates with custom screening questions, integrated assessments, and background checks.
  • Easily share, rank and review your top candidates with managers. Don't worry, we provide unlimited users at no extra charge.
  • All without breaking a sweat... or your budget
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Over 9,000 companies use ApplicantPro

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You guys are too sweet. But, we couldn't do it without you.

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They are always adding new features at no cost. Lastly, their customer service is second to none! Immediate responses to your questions, are always willing to help in any way possible, very friendly, professional staff who know what they are doing. Absolute best anywhere.

Karen S.

Human Resources Manager

The ability to post through multiple job boards at no additional cost is a huge value. I also like the interface as its pretty streamlined and easily customized. The support is also great!

Brennon D.

Talent Acquisition Manager


ApplicantPro is the best applicant tracking system I have used (and I have used systems that are much more costly). I would particularly recommending it to any small to medium company, or any company that's cost-conscious.

Jess J.

Sr. Director of Recruitment and Staff Development

The Assessment Testing is one of the best features, it helps find individuals whose beliefs and core values are similar to ours.

Elizabeth V.

Operations/HR Manager

The product is customizable, which is helpful to make it work the best for me. But they also have all the legal requirements already in place, which also makes my job easier.

Verified Reviewer

Sr. Director of Recruitment and Staff Development


ApplicantPro brings in the best quality candidates. It is easy to navigate and work with. We love ApplicantPro.

Rick K.



Everything you need to create a great Candidate Experience and a high performing Hiring Process!

applicant sourcing
Powerful Job Posting & Applicant Sourcing

Get the right jobs, in front of the right people, in the right way and watch the magic happen.

applicant sourcing
Efficient Online Applications

Adjustable and unique 2-step application provides an effortless application process to maximize your applicant flow.

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Fully Branded Careers Page

Increase engagement with branded career sites that job seekers can explore on any device.

applicant sourcing
Applicant Communication

Easily manage conversations with your candidates using your messaging inbox that includes email and texts.

applicant sourcing
Product Integrations

Integrate your hiring process with background checks, assessments, and onboarding.

applicant sourcing
Automated Job Screening

Auto filter your applicants with customizable job related screening questions.

What is the ApplicantPro Demo all about?

Our quick, yet efficient product demo will give you a closer look under the hood of our hiring software and bring you one step closer to becoming a hiring guru.

Generally, our demos are 30-45 minutes. However, we are happy to work within your schedule. Only have a few questions? No problem! Need a full run down? No worries. We are here for you and happy to go over anything we need to.

We will jump on a live call with you and screen share our desktop to show you how the hiring software works. Beyond the tech stuff, we want to make sure the discussion is driven by you and tailored to your needs and a good use of your time.

We never want to hide our pricing. We will go over any pricing questions you may have and make sure it fits your needs. No sense in paying for what you don't need. Am I right?!

Ideally, we can get you the most qualified applicants you've ever had. To do that, we can get you setup with a Free Trial. This includes posting a real job to real job boards and generating real applicants. Plus you will get access to all of the features.