Texting just got a new purpose.

With our communication inbox, not only are we saving you time, but money as well. This two way conversation platform will give you the flexibility of text, so you can get in contact with your most qualified applicants sooner.

On average it takes 24 hours for your applicants to read and respond to an email. With our new texting feature you can get in contact with your applicant in as little as 3 minutes! You are instantly cutting your hiring time in more than half.

There is no need to add this platform to your ApplicantPro plan because we include it in every plan. Stop playing phone tag with your applicants and start eliminating time consuming hiring practices.

Communication Inbox

Hiring made simple with your communication inbox.


We protect your privacy.

There is no phone necessary! Your applicants will not be given any personal information, including phone number.

Sending a text is like sending an email.

All replies are stored in your ApplicantPro system.

Every conversation is tracked in your ApplicantPro system.

Knowing what happens between an applicant from the very beginning creates transparency with your hiring team.

By communicating faster you are hiring faster.

By communicating with applicants  in less time, you are increasing your chance to reach applicants you may have missed.

Your first 50 texts are free EVERY month!

Feel free to use more texts as needed for a small fee.

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