Employer Branding Why Your Application Process Matters

Employer Branding: Why Your Application Process Matters

A few months ago, a neighbor of mine knocked on my door looking for some paper to lay down in his garage so that he could paint a vehicle without ruining the floor. It was a pivotal moment for me because I realized that I had no paper to offer him whatsoever – no newspaper, no phone books, no magazines; I live in a paperless household. Even though most would consider me to be relatively more tech-reliant than the average person, my house wasn’t his only stop and he was hard-pressed to find anyone with something that contained paper.

The majority of people rely upon the web to access the same information than the hardcopy mediums we depended on in our former life

Why is this important?

It’s indicative of the times. The majority of people rely upon the web to access the same information than the hardcopy mediums we depended on in our former life. Not only that, but any person has at their fingertips the ability to discover pretty much anything they want to know about a particular company and their products thanks to online reviews.

Having such easy access to that type of information can be dangerous if not properly mitigated. When you think about it, your online presence is an extension of your company branding. But it doesn’t end with Marketing trying to manage the company’s Internet standing, no, it also trickles down into the hiring chain by affecting your employer brand as well – that’s what I’d like to touch on in today’s post.

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Anyone who has an experience with your company as an employer has the ability to negatively or positively impact your hiring climate. If for instance, you don’t send out an automated response to your applicants updating them on where they are in the process, it may leave a bad taste in their mouth causing them to retaliate by posting a negative review somewhere like Indeed.com or Glassdoor.com. You’d be surprised at how something as simple as sending out an automated response to potential candidates informing them of what, if anything, to expect from you next reassures them that they’ve done everything correctly and you’ve received their application. It also makes them feel respected as a person, versus feeling like another number that gets lost amid the chaos with the other pathless applicants floating around in cyberspace.

ApplicantPro has a customizable email response that can automatically be sent to every single applicant. You have the ability to cater each response to a particular job description. Because ApplicantPro is intuitive, you can also arrange for emails to be sent out when a job seeker is in the middle of their application process. It makes for an easy and automated approach to positively influencing your employer brand, which in turn promotes a healthier perception of your overall company brand as well.

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