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What is your hiring theme?

Do you have a theme for your recruiting strategy?

Having a recruiting strategy is vitally important for every organization... especially one that's trying to sustain itself or grow in a competitive marketplace.

But have you ever thought that maybe you need a theme to help guide your team and keep them on the same page?

Organizations are investing a ton of time and energy to level up their recruiting game, but when you have a team of people working towards a goal, it's important to have some high-level themes that will help guide you in making the right decisions.

Is your strategy outdated?

For a lot of employers, their theme is an old one... it's to keep doing what they've always done and hope things go back to normal.

This is not the right theme!

Any organization that follows this theme, either on purpose or on accident, is going to fall (and has been falling) farther and farther behind their competition.

Guide to Understanding Your Target Job Seeker

Learn how to build a job seeker persona to attract your ideal applicants

So what should you do?

Here are two themes that can progress your recruiting strategy...

  1. The "outspend and outlast the competition" theme:

    This strategy works for bigger companies.

    Simply put, bigger companies with more money, strength, brand recognition, and a bigger team can afford to simply increase the amount of money they're spending to improve their recruiting.

    This comes in the form of increased ad spending, sign-on bonuses, or increased compensation and benefits.

    Because they are so big, they can simply outspend and outlast all the other competitors... they hope that those competitors at some point will either give in to taking second-tier talent, or they will run out of the money needed to keep up.

  2. The "outmaneuver the competition" theme:

    This is the approach that most underdog companies need to take to win.

    This theme is fueled by the mantra... "we are small, therefore we are agile, and we'll use creativity to outmaneuver our competition."

    This theme relies not on doing things the way everybody else is doing them, but rather, on doing things the opposite way that everybody else is doing them.

    If the market is focused on full-timers, then the underdog might focus on part-time employees. If the market is focused on pay, then the underdog will focus on culture, work experience or work-from-home or hybrid jobs, etc.

    The key for this theme is to focus on the job seeker you are trying to attract and get creative so that you can offer them something different than the big dog competitors.

If you need help understanding how to know what your job seeker is looking for and how to attract them, check out our free guide, "Guide to Understanding your Target Job Seeker."

If you'd like some help with updating your hiring strategy, we'd be more than happy to sit down and have a free strategy session with you to unpack what you're doing now, how it's working or not working, and how to help you study what your competitors are doing so you can identify what your options are. Click the link below and let's get your theme back up to date!

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