What Are Other HR Professionals Looking For In Hiring Software

What Are Other HR Professionals Looking For In Hiring Software?

A recent study by Software Advice revealed that the majority of HR professionals are seeking a solution to improve the hiring process. Applicant tracking software is one of the best options to help improve the hiring process. A number of small-to-medium business owners are purchasing applicant tracking software for the first time. There are several benefits to HR software as companies that implemented it found a 33 percent higher operating income growth. How is this possible? Using the right applicant tracking software offers numerous time-saving effects, allowing your business to improve several areas of the organization.

Using the right applicant tracking software offers numerous time-saving effects, allowing your business to improve several areas of the organization.

What Are Companies Looking For?

Are you searching for applicant tracking software? What are companies like yours seeking? Recent studies show companies want a complete system providing everything from applicant tracking to employee scheduling. ApplicantPro is an excellent choice for organizations in need of a full streamlined system for applicant tracking, social recruiting, background checks, and more.

Creating a centralized applicant tracking program is ideal to maintain a centralized database of employee data. When you do end up hiring a new candidate from the applicant pool, you will have less paperwork to fill out. This allows the organization to start working on the training process immediately.

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Reducing Resume Load

A major reason to adopt ApplicantPro is to reduce your resume load. With a tight job market, companies are being inundated with a large amount of applications. Several of the job boards being used do not filter the application, which makes it easy for unqualified people to submit their resume. Companies using applicant tracking systems will have the ability to keep the stack of resumes narrowed down to a small list of candidates that are actually interested in the job.

Prevent Discrimination

It is required by law to prevent discrimination when filtering through resumes. ApplicantPro has a unique system that makes sure an application is not kicked out of it because of age, gender, ethnicity, and other things. A non-biased computer program is in charge of handling the filtering process to make sure your organization is complying with Federal law.

Improve Efficiency

First-time buyers of applicant tracking software are looking for ways to improve efficiency. There are several different applicant tracking programs on the market, but not all of them can improve efficiency and reduce data errors that commonly occur with other programs. Request a free demo of ApplicantPro to find out how it can easily improve efficiency with your organization.

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