Webinar Series Background Checks

Webinar Series: Background Checks

ApplicantPro Author - Ryan Kohler
by Ryan Kohler

I know what you’re thinking…yet another blog post about HR compliance? Yes. And more yeses a thousand times over because compliance (albeit boring at times) rules much of your HR Universe. ApplicantPro has a webinar coming up called the Ins and Outs of Background Checks, so I thought I’d highlight the EEOC piece of that presentation in today’s post. Here are a few things to consider when adopting a background check approach that aligns with your organization:

Ban the Box

I have an entire post dedicated to this topic, but in a nutshell, it benefits employers to eliminate the criminal history question in the initial application. Though few employers are aware of it, it’s actually discriminatory and a civil rights violation.

Use Assessments

I personally believe that assessments are one of the most undervalued hiring resources available to HR Professionals currently because they ensure that you have the best possible fit for your open position prior to requesting a background check. And unlike the “gut” feeling responses we make in an interview, the job seeker’s compatibility is calculated using benchmarks from your current rockstar employees. If you’re going to spend a significant amount of money in the pre-employment screening process, you should do your due diligence beforehand so you’re spending your money on the RIGHT person.

Things to Consider when a Criminal Record is Reported

Before jumping to immediate conclusions and bypassing the employee altogether, you should take into consideration a few factors – what’s the nature of the position? If the position involves no responsibility relative to past offenses, then make a judgment call. Likewise, consider the gravity of the offense. If it was a recent theft charge and your employees deal with merchandise on a regular basis, then it’s likely the candidate won’t be the right fit. Also (and this is often overlooked in the process), look at past employment history prior to the offense and then after the offense. Did the potential employee receive a good recommendation at the company he/she worked for after the offense?

These are just a few items that our resident background check expert Daniel Wetsel will be discussing during our webinar on Wednesday April 9 at 2 PM MST. It’s HRCI approved and free to attend so make sure that you sign up and join us here.

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