Two Basic Tenets of Hiring Technology

Two Basic Tenets of Hiring Technology

ApplicantPro Author - Angie Rupp
by Angie Rupp

Hiring technology is all the rage these days. Well, actually anything technology is the pulse of business right now, and for good reason. Technology has the potential to transform any pain you have – hiring is no exception. In order to maximize the promise of hiring technology though, you’re going to need a plan. And this plan should include laying a healthy foundation for how HR will implement hiring technology and manage the adjustment period that is inevitable whenever you rewrite former processes.

Most HR professionals wrongly assume that their biggest obstacle in pitching hiring technology is its cost, but this mentality is a dangerous one because it keeps your perception limited to a very small scope. It’s also completely unfair to your hiring technology platform and your business. According to Dr. John Sullivan, here are some hiring technology considerations to make before you take the plunge and sacrifice a lot of opportunity and a lot of money by not doing your hiring technology due diligence:

Hiring technology should drive business results, not simply make HR’s life easier.

One of the greatest difficulties (and perhaps the greatest gift) of being human is perspective – we’re able to see (or not see) life through another’s eyes. While this is an important value in relationships, it also holds a pretty solid seat in the business world. Perhaps no one has put it more simply or more accurately than Stephen Covey when he said “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.” This is true for every facet of business including hiring technology.

The quicker you can get a top performer in there, the more money that individual can make for your company..

While it’s great that incorporating hiring technology into your employment strategy will help you hire more efficiently and ease some of the burden of your load, your primary objective for doing anything at work should be to improve your business’s goals because that helps everyone. First though, you have to look beyond your HR scope and figure out what’s most important to your organization. That’s how you “understand.” And then, determine what role hiring technology plays in that. If you’re able to hire faster and you carefully select hiring software that helps you screen quality applicants more efficiently, you can decrease time-to-fill and increase productivity, so that the business doesn’t lose more money than it should. This is a great approach when you’re hiring someone in sales. The quicker you can get a top performer in there, the more money that individual can make for your company. After laying the foundation for that, you can tie those goals into your own. Cutting down time-to-fill improves your HR metrics as well.

Use a hiring technology that helps you seal the deal with your purchasing managers.

Money is a tricky subject. It’s even trickier for a lot of HR professionals who are superstar compliance managers and very risk averse. Unfortunately, despite sometimes being a faux pas, money also makes the world go ‘round. It is the language of business after all, so if you don’t speak it fluently, then you’re going to struggle to get anything you need to do your job more efficiently including hiring technology. The good news however is that there are a lot of hiring technology platforms out there that make it really easy for you to sell their software to your boss. They understand the big picture and will provide you with the tools necessary to make a hiring technology pitch that aligns best with your business’s needs.

Additionally, if your hiring technology platform has robust metrics, they can provide you with some specific examples of companies in your industry that have completely optimized their hiring processes – these data should include: time-to-fill, better written job ads, greater applicant pool, higher quality applicants, etc. In addition to these hiring technology platforms providing these metrics, they should also help you convert them into the language of business.

Do you want to use a hiring technology that does all of the uncomfortable selling legwork for you? We can help! Give us a call to learn more.

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