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Track Your Sourcing Power Like a Growth Hacker

I think it's safe to say, that things are still uncertain, the skies are still a little grey, and life is still far from normal.

But I do believe that sometime in the future, we'll all walk back into our offices, take a deep breath, hear the gurgle of the water dispenser, see our co-workers smiling faces and realize... We're back!

And wow, I CAN NOT WAIT!

However, until then, I do hope that everyone is remaining healthy, enjoying extra downtime or time spent with family and continuing to practice social distancing.

To help you use this down-time as an opportunity to strengthen your hiring process, so you can be prepared to attract the right candidates when your hiring doors open back up -- I'd like to continue with our growth hacking series.

Over the past couple of months, we've talked a lot about growth hacking and I've shared quite a few of my personal, proven, metric funnels that help you growth hack your hiring process.

Today, I'd like to walk you through a step by step process that allows you to increase the number of people viewing ads from your best, most powerful sources.

Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Learn how to focus on your current sources to find out which ones have the most power.

Be sure to act as a job seeker.

Apply for a job through one of your sources.

Complete your application process from beginning to end and ask yourself "What can I do to increase visibility?", "How do I make it easier or more intuitive to go through the process?", "What is confusing or difficult that may be causing friction?".

And finally, adjust and track the results.

See what your process is like for job seekers and make changes.

Using this lull as an opportunity to strengthen your hiring framework can be the key to success in the future.

Check out my Sourcing Power Worksheet, use it to your advantage and find out which of your sources are the most powerful when it comes to driving candidates.

Collect your data and remember to pair it with our other metrics, like the Talent Funnel and Attraction Funnel. That way, you will be able to extract valuable insights to help you growth hack your hiring process!

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Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Learn how to focus on your current sources to find out which ones have the most power.

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