The Hottest Trends in HR Technology

Technology has its place in almost every sector, the HR field is one where we don’t always talk about technology and how it helps. However, there are a number of exciting trends in the HR world, allowing individuals to do their jobs better, and helping companies in the long-run. Here are just a few of the different ways you can start recruiting, retaining, and improving relationships with your employees.

Successful Implementation

One of the most important things to focus on when looking at technology is the way it will help a company grow. While a new software program is beneficial to the HR department, it is vital that the program be implemented properly. Employees are naturally resistant to change. Completely changing a software program, or expecting the employees to follow suit with a new program is not going to be easy. It is vital that HR takes the time to truly work out the details of how to successfully implement change. No matter what this change will be, the goal is to help the employees to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Before starting a new program, ask the employees for their opinion. You want your staff to be as involved as possible, or it can end up hurting relationships with people as they feel the company doesn’t care about their opinions. The important thing to remember when investing in a new product or form of technology for the workplace is the return you will receive from the product. Converting from paper to tablets will have significant benefits, but it is important to know that your employees may initially reject it as they become used to the new methods.

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Using Social Media

For several years social media has become a dominate topic. Companies find social media to be a useful tool when recruiting employees. You are able to learn about the person as an individual instead of just the information on their resume. The great aspect to social media is that it gives companies a true 3-dimensional profile of a potential employee. Even a simple search on Google is bound to turn up some information about the job applicant. This is a great way to weed out people that may not have the right personality to fit into the office environment.

Going Mobile

Perhaps the biggest excitement in the HR field is the growing world of mobile generations. To reach out to the right audience, you need to be prepare to go mobile. The world of text messaging has changed the way HR works. It’s easy to send out a simple text message reminder to a person you plan to interview. While you may not initially love the idea of going mobile, the next generation of employees are all attached to mobile devices, and they will bring it to the company in one way or another.

Moving forward with technology changes is vital to keep the company exciting to potential employees. While the existing employees can find some frustration with technology changes, they will start to grasp a hold of it when it does become the normal way of operating around the company. Keep current with the hottest trends in HR technology to keep your company in the running for the best job applicants.

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