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Four Easy Ways To Target Talent Outside Of Your Industry

To attract high-quality applicants in today’s highly competitive job market, you may need to get creative if you’re having a hard time filling your open jobs. A great tactic I’ve been focusing on sharing with HR professionals is targeting people who are disengaged or not satisfied in their current positions. Last week, I walked through some great tips on attracting employed job seekers who are looking for a better company to work for. Today, I’m moving on to part two of my three-part series on job seeker segmentation to give you tips on attracting applicants doing a similar job in another industry. These are perfect candidates for your positions as they often have the required skills and qualifications needed to do your jobs well and will just have to learn industry-specific knowledge.

Check out the video where I’ll show you what it takes to draw in experienced employees from different fields so you can expand your pool of qualified candidates today.

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To attract job seekers looking for a position where they can apply their current skills in a new industry, implement these simple tips.

  • Get to know your job seekers
  • Magnify the reasons why the role is better in your industry
  • Use familiar words
  • Validate your content

For this specific segment of employed job seekers, I have to emphasize how critical it is to use familiar language in your ads. Make sure to be cautious about using industry lingo that candidates coming from other fields may not understand or search for on job boards. For example, if you were trying to hire a bank teller, you could get your ad in front of and draw in candidates with similar experience by using words like “Customer Service” instead of the usual keywords like “Teller” or “Member Services Representative”. Watch the video to learn what goes into each of these tips to stop limiting the spread of your job ads and maximize your qualified applicant flow.

Ready to expand your reach? Check out our How to Write a Killer Job Ad Workbook to learn how to write an ad that will boost the amount of qualified talent finding your jobs and applying to work for you, and make sure to check in next week for the third and final piece of this series with my advice on attracting job seekers who are looking to climb the career ladder.

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Want to learn how to write better job ads?

Download our "Guide to Writing a Killer Job Ad" now! This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of writing job ads that get dramatic results.

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