Streamlining Your Hiring Process: Part One

by Ryan Kohler

Because I work in the industry of selling hiring software to HR Professionals, the message I’m hoping to share with you folks is often lost in the “sales” mix due to most people immediately being put on the defensive when someone is trying to sell to them. I get it; I feel the same way when someone is trying to sell to me. What’s more is that it’s even harder for someone like me to reach someone like you when you aren’t specifically shopping around for an ATS.

What you may not know however is that I don’t do what I do in order to sell you yet another product that you don’t need. In fact, building this software wasn’t even my idea originally…I actually built it because I was approached by a couple of your own “HR kind” when they needed a platform that fit the smaller and mid-size needs of their company (at the time, there wasn’t anything like that on the market), so I did it. Seven years later, here we are.

My point to all of this rambling is my message isn’t what you think it is. It’s not about buying my software (sure, I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t appreciate my clients because they help me to make my vision a reality and help me to provide income for my employees), it’s really about streamlining your hiring process because it makes YOU a better HR representative. Not only that, but hiring the right people affects EVERY single department in your organization from the CEO all the way to the entry-level positions you hire for. It also affects your customers because how your staff interacts with your customers can literally make or break your company.

Did you know that according to SHRM’s 2011 Benchmarking Service report, the average time it takes to hire an employee is 34 days? Why is this important? Well, imagine that you have a stellar candidate apply the first day you post your job ad. This person is great and couldn’t be a more perfect fit for your position. Do you think that such a desirable job seeker only applied to your open position? Of course not. Chances are he/she has applied to at least a few other job ads and if you wait to reach out to this person for three weeks, I can guarantee that another company will have snatched him up.

Now, if you had some kind of efficient system in place to mitigate through all your applications/resumes fully armed with specific screening questions, and also an automated email that keeps the applicant informed of where they are in the process, you’re far more likely to keep them engaged and their interest piqued. What’s more is that a lot of times hiring software these days comes fully equipped with integration potential, interviewing software, and assessments making your hiring strategy a one-stop shop with very little turnaround time.

There are other great platforms out there aside from my ApplicantPro, so make sure you do your research before you buy. Or better yet, if you don’t have an automated hiring process, maybe it’s time you reconsidered and hopefully something in this post has sparked your curiosity. In the second part of this post next Tuesday, I’ll help you to develop a specific outline for streamlining your employment process.

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