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Why Do Qualified Job Seekers Start Your Application, But Not Finish?

Does it feel like the talent shortage is getting worse by the day?

Facebook and LinkedIn groups are FULL of discussions about how bad it is in almost every single industry...

And, while the New Jobs report is exciting from an economic recovery

standpoint -- It is not good news for the employers that are struggling to get qualified applicants.

It's especially hard on smaller employers who struggle to compete against the bigger employers who can offer higher pay, and better benefits.

But here's the question...

What if you had a hidden applicant pool that you can't even see?

Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Discover how to improve source reach and increase the number of qualified applicants that apply for your open positions!

What if that pool was just as large if not larger than the pool of applicants that you DO see?

Over the last 15 years, I have found tons of hidden applicant pools for employers I work with.

These employers believe "there's no hope" and that "there's a shortage of applicants in their industry".

But then we dig a little deeper and they walk away with two to three times more applicants and without spending any extra money!

What kind of impact would it have on your hiring if you could double or triple your applicant pool?

Here's the secret... There are tons of qualified applicants who start applying for your job and simply don't finish the application. If you take a deeper look inside the job application funnel to the last step of the process, the job seekers who start vs the ones that finish, normally less than 50% of those who start applying, actually make it into your inbox.

And, depending on your online application and how long it is, you might actually be seeing even less.

Unfortunately, at best these applicants are just hidden, but for some employers, they're completely lost.

In fact, you might not even know how many of them are in there.

Here's the solution...

Capture incomplete applicants and then fix the reason why they're not finishing.

  • Step 1: Apply for one of your jobs.

  • Step 2: Don't finish the application.

  • Step 3: Go find your applicant information

    Dig into the hiring software you're using to track your applicants, you might have to talk to your software provider's support team or your programmer to find out where you should start looking.

Once you find the hidden applicants...

  • Step 4: Figure out why applicants are leaving

    At what stage of the application are they leaving? Start reviewing those applicants and see if they are high quality or not.

  • Step 5: Reduce the friction

    Maybe you need to alter the questions/requirements to reduce the friction or shorten the entire application.

Now, if you can't access these applicants it means that the applicant's information was never stored at all. Work with your software provider or your programmer to see what it would take to start storing employment applications at the very first point that somebody puts in their name and contact info.

We provide our clients with this information within ApplicantPro and it gives employers the ability to not only see how many people are falling out of their process, but who they are and how qualified they are.

And more often than not, these job seekers are highly qualified individuals who don't finish your application simply because it's harder (and longer) to complete than your competitors. Maybe they didn't have the time right then and there, or maybe they're simply not desperate enough to work for you to have to jump through all those hoops to land a spot in your inbox.

We see consistently that this approach can uncover as much as, if not more than, 50% of unseen applicants in your pool.

Dive into your application process and discover how to uncover those hidden qualified applicants by downloading The Attraction Funnel. This tool will help you identify the bottleneck areas within your application process to increase the conversion rate at each step in your hiring funnel.

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Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Discover how to improve source reach and increase the number of qualified applicants that apply for your open positions!

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