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Preventing Bad Hires: The Simple Key To Solving Turnover

What are you doing to prevent bad hires? Today's question leads us into an all too familiar topic for hiring managers in many different industries. You may have already guessed it, (but I'll tell you anyway) we're talking about turnover.

Turnover continues to be one of the biggest struggles for HR - so chances are, you've seen the countless stats, you know it's a problem, and you know it's costing your organization. Hiring a candidate just to have them leave their role obviously wastes the time and money that's been invested throughout the hiring process on advertising jobs, screening, onboarding, and training. Beyond that, turnover has a much bigger impact than we often think about.

In this week's video I'm walking you through my top 6 tips to avoid bad hires from the start and ultimately reduce your turnover.

Employee Turnover Analysis

Download our simple Employee Turnover Analyzer tool to nail down what kind of turnover you're experiencing so you can adjust your approach and retain top talent.

  • 1. Define what you're looking for.

    Look at your BEST employees, what makes them a good fit? Do they have all of the qualifications you're asking for? Take the time to really evaluate what a successful hire looks like for the role. Hiring the right candidate from the start is the first step to retaining quality employees and reducing your turnover.

Once you've nailed down who you're looking for, follow the remaining 2-6 steps I've outlined in the video to learn how to hire the perfect candidates for your jobs AND keep them around. (According to SHRM, tip #6 can increase the likelihood of employees staying with your company by a massive 69%)

Getting familiar with these steps will teach you how to find the right fit for your company and improve their experience from start to finish. Setting clear expectations and streamlining the hiring process not only for HR, but for applicants as well is HUGE when it comes to keeping good hires around. Don’t underestimate the impact you can make to minimize your turnover rate with today's hiring tips.

Ready to tackle your turnover problem? Download our Employee Turnover Analyzer to identify what type of employee turnover your organization is dealing with so you can adjust your approach, avoid bad hires, and retain your top talent.

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Keep Your Top Talent

Download our simple Employee Turnover Analyzer tool to nail down what kind of turnover you're experiencing so you can adjust your approach and retain top talent.

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