By: Ryan Kohler

Instagram Recruiting – Friend or Foe?

In this article we take an in-depth look at the newest social media platform, Instagram, and how you can use it to attract new applicants.

By: Ryan Kohler

The Hottest Trends in HR Technology

In this article we take a look at the latest trends in HR Technology and what you can do keep up with the changing times and find the best applicants.

By: Ryan Kohler

Recruiting Looks a Lot Like Marketing

In this article we discuss the similarities between recruiting and marketing and how the two work together to pull in more applicants for your jobs.

By: Ryan Kohler

What You Need to Know About E-Verify

Learn more about E-Verify, who needs it, how to use it, and why it is beneficial for your hiring process.

By: Ryan Kohler

Free HRCI Approved Credit in Phoenix, AZ Area

ApplicantPro will be putting on a free and educational event for HR professionals and will be offering 4 HRCI credits in Phoenix.

By: Ryan Kohler

How to Become a Strategic HR Professional

In the third and final installment of our series, learn about what it takes to become a strategic HR professional.

By: Ryan Kohler

HR Strategy – Debunking the Myths

In part two of our self-exploration series, let us clear up common misconceptions about the HR Strategy.

By: Ryan Kohler

Humanizing Online Applications

In this article we take a look at online applications and how to use an applicant tracking system in the best possible way to garner more applicants.

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