By: Lynna Peterson

The Power of Pre-Hiring Tests

In this article we take a look at how pre-hiring tests and assessments can be a great asset to your hiring process in your search for the perfect candidate.

By: Lynna Peterson

Less Expensive = Less Features? Not so fast!

Learn more about how to get more bang for your buck when you use ApplicantPro's easy to use applicant tracking software.

writing a legal job description

By: Steven Smith

How to Write Legal Job Descriptions

In this article we discuss how to write a legal job description that keeps your company in compliance with federal law.

By: Lynna Peterson

How to Reduce your Cost-Per-Hire

Now that it has been approved as an American National Standard, learn how to reduce your cost-per-hire for your company.

By: Lynna Peterson

How to Find and Hire Great Software Programmers

In this article, we discuss the best way to find and hire great software programmers for your company.

By: Lynna Peterson

How 25 Years of the Internet has Changed HR

In this article we take a look at how the Internet has changed HR in the last 25 years and ways to use the Internet now to streamline your hiring process.

By: Lynna Peterson

Hey Boss! Our Slow Hiring Process is Hurting Our Profits

Don't let your slow hiring process hurt your profits! We break down the top three ways to combat the issue and get you what you need for less of a cost.

By: Lynna Peterson

Generating More Applicants Using Job Aggregators

In this article learn more about what job aggregators are and how to generate more applicants when you use them to advertise your jobs.