By: Ryan Kohler

What Does Your Employer Brand Say About Your Business?

An in-depth discussion about ways you can improve your employer brand and attract more applicants and business with your company.

By: Ryan Kohler

What Story Is Your Job Ad Telling?

Learn how to make a compelling job ad that will draw in applicants and make your job and company stand out from all the rest!

By: Ryan Kohler

Stop Chasing the Purple Squirrel – It Doesn’t Exist

Learn about the "Purple Squirrel" and how it is negatively impacting your applicant pool.

By: Ryan Kohler

What Are Other HR Professionals Looking For In Hiring Software?

Find out what other companies are looking for in hiring software and how an applicant tracking system can help streamline your hiring process.

Removing Toxic Employees to boost company morale

By: Ryan Kohler

How Removing Toxic Employees Will Improve Team Morale

A discussion about toxic employees and how removing them from the workplace will improve team morale.

By: Ryan Kohler

ApplicantPro is more than an SaaS – It’s an HR Solution

Learn about how ApplicantPro is much more than a SaaS: It's an HR solution for your hiring process.

By: Ryan Kohler

6 Steps to Improve Your CareerBuilder Results

A look at 6 steps to improve your job ad to receive greater results on CareerBuilder and roll in the applicants.

hiring manager engaging applicant in conversation

By: Ryan Kohler

5 Ways to Engage Candidates During the Hiring Process

Learn 5 ways to engage candidates during the hiring process. Engaging candidates will help you find future top employees for your company.