By: Sara Jones

Human Resources: Claim your seat at the table

Learn 3 ways human resources can become a valuable member of the executive team: hire right talent, focus on value, and champion company vision.

By: Lynna Peterson

Helping Women Return to the Workforce

Announcing a free workshop series dedicated to helping women return to the workforce.

By: Heidi Barnett

Free eBook – How to Attract the Right Applicants

We are offering a free ebook with six steps to help you attract the right applicants for your company.

By: Ryan Kohler

HR Turnover – It’s More Dangerous than You Think

A break-down of why high HR turnover can negatively impact your company and waste your time and money.

By: Ryan Kohler

Hiring the Harvard Way (No Experience or Degree Required)

A discussion of a recent Harvard study that found college degrees and experience do not equal the performance necessary to perform the job you're hiring for.

By: Ryan Kohler

Hotel Hiring: The Value of the Right Employee

3 ways to help hotels to attract more applicants and streamline their hiring process.

By: Ryan Kohler

ApplicantPro Makes Utah Business’s Fast 50 List

ApplicantPro Makes Utah Business's Fast 50 List

By: Ryan Kohler

Too Many Applicants (There’s No Such Thing)

A break-down of why having too many applicants is not a bad thing, but a really great thing and how it will positively effect your hiring process.

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