Affirmative Action Plans What You Need to Know

Affirmative Action Plans: What You Need to Know

by Taryn Barnes

Before the applicant tracking system (ATS) came to fruition, job searching was done primarily through word of mouth, newspaper ads, and help wanted signs in windows. Getting these jobs depended on connections, a resume or paper application you could...

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Is Applying for “No Specific Job” or “Steering” Illegal

Is Applying for “No Specific Job” or “Steering” Illegal?

by Steven Smith

Two recent court cases have brought this question up in many Human Resource circles across the country. While the court cases do not deal directly with the general application itself, the implications of these rulings are important to consider if...

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Background Checks How Compliant is Your Compliance

Background Checks: How Compliant is Your Compliance?

by Angie Rupp

As an employee, you comprise a piece of one of the biggest financial investments your organization has made to aid its growth. Take a moment to sit with that idea and let it truly sink in. Think about how much...

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The Ongoing Evolution of the Performance Review

The Ongoing Evolution of the Performance Review

by Callie Hansen

Just as HR and the traditional workplace have shifted over the last decade, so has the annual performance review. Employers are starting to ditch the performance ratings in a review and are opting for something new. Harvard Business...

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The Application Get the Right Information Fast

The Application: Get the Right Information Fast

by Caleb Larkin

The Application Process An application is the first interaction a future employee has with your company. Making the best first impression with candidates is critical. The number one complaint applicants make against employers is an application that is complicated, confusing, and...

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