Google chrome extention Applicant Tracking System

ApplicantPro's Google Chrome Extension

by Ryan Kohler

We are excited to announce our new ApplicantPro Google Chrome extension! This new extension will allow customers to pull new hire information from ApplicantPro's Applicant Tracking System and push that data into other employee management systems without an...

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hr predicting future applicants

Predicting Future Job Applicants

by Ryan Kohler

What if I told you, that your company can predict future job applicants? I’m talking about predicting that applicants in the future will want to apply for your job, before the applicants themselves even know they want to be in that...

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job ads that get results

The Tale of 2 Job Ads

by Ryan Kohler

Nothing holds back the hiring process quite like a lack of qualified applicants. When clients ask for our assistance in improving their results, we find that they are normally focused on identifying additional job boards to post their jobs to as...

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hr texting her applicant

Text Your Applicants – How to Do It & Why It Works

by Lynna Peterson

We live in a world run by smart phones and text messages. We can rent a movie, order dinner, and confirm an airplane ticket right from our pockets. Smartphones, along with texting, have become a common necessity in today’s day and...

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Hotel Hiring Magic! 8 Ways to Gift Yourself Applicants that Truly Fit

Hotel Hiring Magic! 8 Ways to Gift Yourself Applicants that Truly Fit

by Heather Costa

Hotel hiring can be challenging. Here are 8 ways that you can attract more of the right candidates. 1.Make a nice wish list: List what you really truly want to find in a candidate for each position you are hiring...

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