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Optimize Your Power to Source Existing Qualified Applicants

I wanted to follow up from last week's post talking about the most overlooked source for NEW qualified applicants.

While most companies believe that job boards are the best source of applicants, they're not actually looking at the best source of hires.

Once you pull out all of the job seekers that come from job boards, you're left with this unique group of candidates who apply through your company career site -- I like to refer to them as your "fans".

Did you know your fans are some of the most qualified candidates out there?

In today's video, I'm talking about how to optimize the power and leverage you have with sourcing existing qualified applicants through your company's career site. Check it out!

Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Learn how to focus on your current sources to find out which ones have the most power.

Now, we've already talked about how to increase traffic and conversion of new job seekers who have never applied for one of your jobs.

What about the group of candidates who have applied for one of your jobs before?

Those job seekers who applied, were qualified, but you had already filled the position with someone who was equally as qualified and your company simply didn't have the need or resources, at the time, to hire both candidates.

But, maybe they're the person you need today.

So, what can you do?

Dig into your ATS database of applicants who previously applied for a similar position and are flagged as "qualified", then email them! It's likely these candidates have already completed parts of your screening process and/or have already been interviewed... making this round of screening that much easier.

If you haven't already, check out my video for more tips on how to attract existing qualified job seekers, and get them to re-apply!

Be sure to download my Sourcing Power Tool to help you identify your company's power sources:

hr learning about sourcing power

Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Learn how to focus on your current sources to find out which ones have the most power.

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