hr navigating their hiring process

Navigate Crisis, Chaos and Disruption like a Growth Hacker

Change is hard.

Especially for HR people that love their structure and processes. But since the COVID-19 Pandemic, rapid change has been impossible to avoid -- from chaotic working environments to unplanned career transitions.

In today's video, I'll share with you how to navigate through crisis, chaos, and disruption so you in HR can not only survive but thrive during times like these.

Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Discover how to improve source reach and increase the number of qualified applicants that apply for your open positions!

Are you freezing, treading, or swimming towards safety?

  1. Clearly protect yourself - Look back at your data and be sure you remind yourself what was working before.
  2. Change and adapt - The strategy you were using before is not going to work now and in the future.
  3. Decrease your cycle time - Get better at identifying what needs to be done and evolving your processes.

Change needs to be normal.

Our world completely flipped upside down in a few short days... Without much notice, your normal processes were thrown out the window, and change was forced upon you.

But are you letting it get the best of you? Or are you using it as an opportunity to grow and develop?

People are slow to change... But if you make small, incremental changes it's easy to STAND OUT against your competitors that are staying idle waiting for things to "get back to normal".

Remember my few tips on how you can slowly implement change within your hiring process during times of crisis, chaos, and disruption.

  1. Identify the type of people you want to hire
  2. Write awesome, unique, authentic job ads that attract and engage qualified candidates
  3. Reduce the friction for those trying to apply
  4. Go back, cycle and adjust your strategies

Get back to the idea that you're constantly changing... Become the kind of person that can navigate change.

You'll come out of this stronger and more confident in both your hiring processes and yourself.

For more advice on how to navigate change and develop solid hiring strategies... follow me on LinkedIn!

office desk with hr learning about talent funnel

Approach Hiring Like a Growth Hacker

Discover how to improve source reach and increase the number of qualified applicants that apply for your open positions!

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