Mobile Recruiting – Part Two

In last week’s post, we uncovered all the “whats” associated with mobile recruiting by highlighting some pretty profound data. Hopefully, the evidence was substantial enough to challenge your preconceived notions about only targeting younger and more “inexperienced” applicants when a company goes mobile because the reality is that you want the candidates you recruit from mobile devices. Not only do they fall within the typically targeted age range of 25-44, but they’re seeking salaries that range from entry-level to $75,000+.

And since we’ve covered our “what” bases, let’s cover our “why” bases today because it wouldn’t surprise me if a few of you are still skeptical about those age demographics for smartphone usage. So let’s discuss a few of the reasons why adults begin their job search online versus their computer.

It’s More Convenient

Remember how I mentioned that experts are projecting phone usage to surpass PC usage in 2014? Well, I think the primary reason for that is convenience. Think about your average American; especially the type of employee most companies draw to apply: they’re likely a parent or spouse who doesn’t want to isolate themselves from their family “TV” time by searching for jobs on their computer all the way up the stairs and down the hall into their office. It’s really convenient to plop yourself on the couch for some R and R after a long day, and then whip out your phone during commercial breaks to peruse online job ads.

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It’s Affordable

this point is often overlooked despite the fundamental role it plays in smart device’s dominion over computers. Phones and tablets are usually cheaper than computers. Not only that, but phones tend to be a personal necessity versus a computer which is often a luxury that’s shared within the family. Think about it; let’s use the above example of a job seeker who has a family. I would imagine that computer time is often limited, especially if you have to fight your children or spouse to get on it. And let’s be real here: searching for a job isn’t something that requires 30 seconds of your time; it can be time consuming if the applicant is meticulous and is searching for their next big career move. It’s an investment that is much more cost efficient and easier to accomplish on a phone or tablet.

There’s an App for That

Did you know that most if not all of the major job boards/aggregators help make a job candidate’s search even more seamless with apps customized for mobile devices? Careerbuilder, Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired, and SnagAJob are just a handful of the companies who have jumped on board the mobile optimization train. Imagine the potential loss of quality applicants you could suffer by ignoring these ever-changing trends. Additionally, with the majority of social networking being done on smartphones and tablets, it only makes sense to combine your social recruiting efforts with your mobile recruiting efforts and kill two birds with one stone.

It’s Private

I have to warn you that with this next statement, I’m going to shatter a few HR Professionals’ dreams: the majority of job searching is done during regular business hours while the job seeker is at work, not on the weekends like most of you think. And just in case I haven’t quite wounded your compliance driven mentality enough, I’ll throw in this little gem: people want to search for jobs on their phone because you (the employer) can’t monitor what they search. If you can’t monitor what they do on their phones, then they won’t suffer the sometimes dire consequences of a boss finding out they’re looking for a new job.

I’d like to think that at this point, the evidence for making your career site mobile friendly is pretty irrefutable. And hey, I bet if I would have told you ten years ago that Social Recruiting would be one of the most efficient channels for hiring, you would’ve laughed in my face, but who’s laughing now? Realistically speaking, you can’t afford to ignore this trend either. Not if you expect companies to stay afloat anyway because a larger quality applicant pool equals better employees.

My advice to you carries the same theme it always does: instead of resisting change because it seems overwhelming and digging your heels even further in the sand trying to convince your Executive Team that they don’t need to worry about Mobile Recruiting, educate yourself and quote a few of the percentages presented in this series to plead your case. You need mobile optimization because it’s the future and reaping the benefits of a new trend by riding its coattails makes a lot more sense than causing unnecessary suffering by fighting the inevitable.

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