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See Massive Hiring Results When You Hire Like a Stoic

It happens to the best of us. Challenges arise in your hiring process that can feel like huge obstacles blocking your way. Add in the fact that you are overworked and the high demands of your HR responsibilities, and some days it might feel like the best option would be to call it quits for the day.

But what if you could take those challenges and turn them into opportunities? What if those hiring challenges that appear to be obstacles are really just hiring building blocks? Building blocks that will help you make massive improvements to your hiring process.

To help change your hiring process into a well oiled, high quality, employee producing machine, we first need to understand Stoicism. Stoicism philosophy will help put your hiring process back on the right track to finding those highly qualified applicants you've been looking for.

So, what is Stoicism?

Stoicism is a philosophy of looking at your problems in a different way to find ways to solve them.

How does Stoicism Relate to Hiring?

In this short video, I discuss 4 steps to follow on how you can use a stoic way of thinking to improve your hiring process.

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Change Your Perspective About Hiring Challenges

Your perspective of the situation is all about the story that you are telling yourself. If you tell yourself that these problems and challenges are impossible to solve, then they will be. If you tell yourself that your company is too small to compete with those larger companies, then it will be. If you tell yourself that the unemployment rate is so low that there are no qualified applicants to hire, then that's what is going to happen.

Change your perspective about the problem and understand that inside each problem is an opportunity to solve it.

"The obstacle is the way", the title of the book by Ryan Holiday, is actually a great way to think about changing your perspective. Whatever the problem is, solving it will actually be the solution to better results. Much like understanding how to cope with unemployment can actually be a competitive advantage if you figure out how to solve it.

The very first step to improving hiring, is perspective. Look at your problem. Understand that it is difficult and hard and that there are parts of it that you can't control, but if you focus, you will be able to solve it. By solving the problem, it has now become an opportunity to improve.

Focus on the Job Seeker to get Better Hiring Results

Focus comes from the perspective. Once you have the perspective that "I can make a difference" then you need to focus in on the core problem. When it comes to hiring, that means focusing in on the job seeker. Most employers and most HR focus in on the company, on themselves, on the hiring manager. In fact, the entire system is set up to focus on what the company wants and needs. What the hiring manager wants and needs. The process for what will make life easier for HR. Nothing in it focuses on the job seeker.

But at the end of the day, if you want more job seekers, what you have to do is focus on them. Figure out what makes them tick. Figure out why they don't like your hiring process. Figure out what they want, what their goals and aspirations are, what their pains and challenges are, and inside that focus will come the solutions to your problem.

Take Simple Actions to Improve Your Hiring Process

None of this will do any good if we don't take action. More specifically, take one action. Step forward. You don't have to make a massive action with a massive game plan or life-changing or world-altering plan to change the entire hiring process. Instead just pick one action to improve hiring. That one action could be just a different job ad, or go through your hiring process and remove a few questions from the application. Take action. Step forward and change something in your hiring process.

Your hiring results are never going to change if you don't take action and change the inputs.

Iteration Brings Lasting Hiring Improvements

Iteration means that you make a change in your hiring process, see how it works, then you make another change and see how that works. Then change again, change again, and change again. This is not a journey with a start and an end. This is a forever journey. The hiring process will constantly be in flux, in change, in chaos. Your job is to continue to change and iterate, continue to adjust your approach until you get it better. Then you will change again because you don't live in a vacuum. The world is changing around you.

4 Steps to Improve Your Hiring Process:

  1. Change your persective of the hiring problem.

    Understand that all of these obstacles and outside forces that are out of your control, ignore them. Focus on the things you can control. Look at these obstacles are opportunities.

  2. Focus on the job seeker.

    Get to know your job seekers better than they know themselves.

  3. Take action with simple changes to your hiring process.

    Step forward, focus on the things you can do and take action in small steps. 1% better each day. Just make small steps forward.

  4. Iterate and adjust your hiring process.

    Continue to adjust your hiring process and act again. Look at the results, make a change, and act again.

Putting these 4 steps into action will dramatically improve your hiring process. It's proven to work time and time again and come from the fundamentals of a Stoicism philosophy.

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Want to learn how to write better job ads?

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