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Making Remote Work Your Strong Point

COVID-19 has taught us a lot...

But one thing it has proven is that the old school belief that you have to be sitting in a conference room with colleagues, or in a cubicle at work to be successful and accomplished, is wrong.

Working remotely is proving to be just as efficient and effective (if not more so) than being in an office.

Not only does remote work have positive impacts on employee performance and satisfaction... but it also has the potential to transform your hiring and help fuel your talent engine.

Offering remote positions creates an entirely new target market for your jobs. Meaning, you no longer have to promote your open positions to your small area. Job seekers on the other side of the country can apply for your jobs and be just as powerful as the employees that live a mile away from your office.

As someone that has offered partially remote work long before COVID, I could go on and on about the benefits and rewards we reap from it.

But in today's video, I'd like to teach you why I believe not all remote positions are equal and therefore the decisions made regarding them are not equal either. I'll be providing you with 4 questions you can ask yourself to determine if remote work is right for your organization.

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So be sure to remember these four questions when determining if a certain position in your organization can/should work from home...

  1. Does this employee need access to the customer? Obviously, if the job needs a direct connection with the customer... like a waitress or an HVAC technician, these positions can not be remote.
  2. If this position is needed to collaborate with other team members have you figured out how to help the teamwork together and establish a good dynamic?
  3. If it's an executive position, how do they stay cohesive and on the same page as the rest of the team?
  4. Is the manager with the team? A team that works together in the office can not have a manager work remotely. The boss should do as the team does.

In order for remote work to be successful, you need a consistent and cohesive communication strategy.

There are multiple powerful hiring tools that allow you to efficiently collaborate and communicate.

Install a process to beat the bottleneck areas and then open up the floodgates to remote workers! Watch how your team responds to the change.

If you'd like some insight on how your organization compares to your competitors, download my free Company Comparison tool. This worksheet will allow you to discover both your and your competitors' strengths and weaknesses revealing where you should improve to stand out to job seekers.

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