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Is your job application strategy doing more harm than good?

How effective is your Job Application Strategy?

Did you know that, according to a study done in 2022, the average rate of candidates that start applying for a job but never complete an application is a whopping 92%?!

These job seekers will click your "Apply" button but they won't finish applying for your job!

Why is that?

This is caused by a lengthy application process that requires job seekers to jump through unnecessary hoops.

You may think this is a great way to weed out the applicants that aren't super interested in your job or that don't know how to follow through. The truth is, the ones that are willing to jump through these hoops are the ones that are desperate and have no other options. These people are ok with having to fill out page after page of an initial application, or enter the same information many times, and to answer unnecessary questions...because they need a job and can't find one elsewhere.

Where do the good job applicants go?

The applicants that click on your "Apply" button and then abandon the job application process are the ones that have the talent and the skills. They fit the requirements of the jobs they are applying for. They are the ones who have other options; they don't feel it's necessary to spend the extra time and effort applying for your job. Your competitors may have a more streamlined process...that's where the good applicants are going!

How do I prevent job seekers from abandoning my applications?

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Application Process

Streamline your application process to convert more job seekers into qualified applicants

To attract these qualified applicants and get them to finish applying for you jobs, you need to simplify your application process.

So, I wanted to share my FREE "5 Steps to Optimizing Your Application Process" with you! This guide will give you the tools to reduce unnecessary friction within your application process and the power to convert job seekers into applicants.

Download it here:

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Application Process

5 Steps to Optimizing Your Application Process

Covert Job seekers into qualified applicants!

5 steps to optimizng your application process!

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