Is Fear Stopping You from Using HR Technology

Is Fear Stopping You from Using HR Technology?

One of the most common concerns from potential HR clients is the fear that adopting HR technology will be burdensome, overwhelming, and will deem at least one person’s positions obsolete. While these concerns regarding HR technology are completely valid, avoiding them altogether will actually be more of a hindrance to hiring and your personal success at the organization than you may think.

Today, I’d like to take some time to review some of the primary concerns clients expressed to us about using our HR Technology platform and hopefully, set some of your minds at ease about the process. After all, change can be scary, but letting fear navigate your decisions at work neither serves you nor your company’s best interest.

By its very definition, HR technology is any form of technology that is used to streamline the processes of HR.

What is HR technology?

By its very definition, HR technology is any form of technology that is used to streamline the processes of HR. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it touches on some of the most popular platforms: applicant tracking systems, HRISs, pre-employment tests, onboarding platforms, etc. All of this HR technology has become available within the past ten years or so and more mainstream within the past five years. It offers companies the opportunity to align with the new pulse of business – data and the web.

Who is priviest to HR technology fear?

The fear of change impacts us all at some point. But when it comes to hesitation adopting a more automated approach to hiring and managing employees, we’ve found that small to mid-sized employers bear the brunt of it. There are many reasons why this is the case relative to various HR technology, but the most prevalent seems to be that most of these HR technology platforms are designed for enterprise grade organizations. They have a lot of bells and whistles and carry an equally hefty price-tag. Oftentimes, these systems are too extensive for the hiring and employment needs of SMB. And yet, HR professionals in the SMB space are the most stretched because they juggle a variety of responsibilities spanning the company, so adopting a more “HR technology” approach would be hugely beneficial. If you’re an HR professional in this position, don’t skip over the opportunity to utilize HR technology because the platforms you’ve been looking at are too expansive for your needs, opt for a system more customizable that allows you to hire and manage staff in a way that is best suited to you.

One of the most important time investments you can make in the process of implementing new HR technology is to get to know the platform inside and out.

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How can you ensure an easier HR technology transition?

The first step in ridding yourself of the fear of change is to accept that change is necessary and will always propel the world forward – HR technology is no different. When you stop fighting it, you free yourself from the chains of fear and you allow yourself the space to grow. After you’ve taken the first (and most challenging) step, it’s time to design an implementation plan. Having a well-designed plan for managing the integration process will empower you to feel more in control which in turn helps curb fear.

One of the most important time investments you can make in the process of implementing new HR technology is to get to know the platform inside and out. This is easier said than done of course because you’re busy and sometimes, it feels like our only choice is to cut corners. If you can help it though, don’t. Learning the system from top to bottom not only ensures that you get the greatest return on your investment, but also helps you secure your position as the system expert. The better you know the system and the bigger role you play in its implementation, the greater impact you have in the success of your company.

Want to get your HR technology feet wet for free? We offer a free trial of our system! Contact us today to get started.

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