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The Importance of Measuring Integration Power

In the hiring world, we all understand that integrations are such an important part of any software.

Your choice of integrations can be crucial to the success of your hiring process.

I often hear people say, "my payroll provider or HRS system offered this 'end to end' system... but it isn't producing the results I had hoped for."

I don't believe they really understood the power they could have within integrations... and when they switched or bought that new system, they didn't ensure the power they previously had transferred...

Or that the power they wanted... currently exists within the software they now have.

In this week's video, let's dive into how and why you should think about integration when you buy or look into switching systems. My free, personal, proven worksheet can help you figure out how powerful the interconnection can be within different systems before you make adjustments or changes -- ensuring the value provided outweighs the value lost.

Measure the Power of Integrations

Get the most out of your integrations by knowing which ones will get you the best results.

Integrations are powerful tools and it's important to look into what will improve your results when trying to make things more efficient and effective...

Use my integration power evaluation worksheet and determine the value of your current integrations.

Remember to look at the amount of value saved.

  • Money saved
  • Time saved/Workload reduced
  • Reduced time to fill a position
  • Conversion Rates
  • Quantity

Consider who the power of integrations can affect.

  • HR
  • Managers
  • Current Employees
  • Job Seekers

Remember, HR carries a heavy load and spends a lot of time carrying out hiring processes. Managers also invest a lot of time when it comes to interviews and reviewing top candidates. Your current employees play a big part in sourcing because of their outreach to social media and other job seekers. And of course, they need to feel as little friction as possible in the hiring process if you want them to apply.

Decipher exactly where your power is coming from.

Run through your current process and current integrations to figure out how much time and money they're saving, and the conversion and quantity rate they're producing. Can you increase the integration power or value you're receiving in your current set up? Does it do more than save time? Does it decrease your costs? Does it increase conversion? Does it increase the number of applicants?

Add up the value and decide if there are other integrations you stand in need of and should be asking for.

Remember -- More integrations doesn't always mean better and best practices aren't always best.

Ask yourself, "What else can we do integrations with? What other 3rd parties throughout the entire hiring or applicant lifecycle, that aren't currently integrated, could help us? Is it possible for us to find a way to integrate them?".

Compare and contrast all your hiring software options.

Whether you're considering ApplicantPro, considering switching from ApplicantPro to a different ATS or "End-to-End" software, or deciding between two completely different softwares -- Keep your eyes wide open and consider the trade-offs when switching systems... Ask yourself "Does the value provided outweigh the value lost?".

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Measure the Power of Integrations

Get the most out of your integrations by knowing which ones will get you the best results.

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