HR Turnover – It’s More Dangerous than You Think

HR Turnover – It’s More Dangerous than You Think

HR professionals focus much of their attention on conserving the organization’s workforce – mainly employees to reduce turnover. High turnover equals wasted money. According to a recent survey called the 2012 Global HR Viewpoint Report, which analyzed data concerning close to 3000 HR professionals, HR needs to make some changes internally to breed company success, not just focus on the type of new-hires they bring on.

HR needs to make some changes internally to breed company success, not just focus on the type of new-hires they bring on


There were some troubling statistics surrounding the structure of HR:

  • 35% of HR professionals have been employed by their company less than a year.
  • 61% have worked for their company less than two years.
  • Less than 5% have been at the same organization for more than 10 years.

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What Does this Mean?

55% of HR folks’ teams were affected by restructuring or reorganizing – this affects their ability to create consistency in their department and effectively streamline/manage their hiring processes. 70% of these people indicated that changes hurt their ability to interact efficiently with business leaders.

Another reason for dissatisfaction is limited opportunity – 25% said that worked for a company with 500 employees or less which restricted their potential for career growth.

Poor leadership plagues HR departments and produces high levels of turnover.

84% of HR practitioners felt that the only way to receive a salary increase is by switching companies.

74.3% participants experienced burnout due to the 40+ hour work weeks.

Most leaders feign innovative opportunities for future HR representatives, when in reality, they’re really just looking for operational support thus triggering disappointment after the new hire has been trained.

There are so many other factors playing a role in the structure of HR

I can’t tell you how often I’ve sat racking my brain trying to figure out why HR attracts the culture that it does. I’m often surprised by the lack of familiarity HR has with the strategic model of thinking. Reviewing the information in this survey has really helped connect a lot of dots for me. Obviously, I’m a CEO, not an HR Manager so the way I think is likely vastly different than yours, but I now understand that there are so many other factors playing a role in the structure of HR.

I can see how constant changes, and technological evolution has impacted the way people “Resource Humans.” Seeing these statistics should hopefully inspire some awareness about working in HR and offer some direction in terms of how to dedicate your focus. Much of your success and happiness will be self-propelled. Make a commitment to be a more strategic-minded individual and understand that you’ll be dealing with a lot of change and reorganization in the coming years. Be malleable. Adapt and persevere. Make a name for yourself by thinking outside of the box and embrace learning to avoid burnout.

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