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HR... Stop Copying Your Competitor's Failed Hiring Approach!

I just recently finished off a long marathon of speaking at tradeshows like SHRM and DisruptHR, teaching HR managers how they can improve their hiring processes.

When you're attending as many of those shows as I do, you learn a LOT.

And of course, that's why you're there, to find out tips, tricks, and best practices.

Best practices are an industry-wide standard, the agreed-upon way of doing things. And I won't lie, they can be awesome and super helpful… when they're working.

But what about when they're not?

If what "everyone's doing" isn't effective, that's no longer the best practice… it's just the most commonly used WORST practice.

In this week’s video, I’m showing you how you can win candidates over from your competitors and create an exceptionally high quality hiring pool even in the midst of this so-called talent shortage.

Attract More Highly Qualified Applicants

We spend countless hours researching the most effective, easy to implement, and FREE strategies that will dramatically boost your qualified applicant flow.

From working with thousands of different companies, the one thing I've found that makes all the difference when trying to draw in talent, is have an effective job ad.

This includes four main things:

  1. Using great keywords
  2. Targeting a specific audience
  3. Writing the ad in the jobseekers voice
  4. Selling them on the job

So stop copying failure. If you're not getting good results with your job ad, your competitor’s lame ad… that's just a copy of another competitor’s failing ad isn't going to work for you either!

It's time to take hiring into your hands and try something different.

Make sure to watch the video to learn what’s behind each of these steps for improvement and how they'll help you attract the best of candidates.

Tired of copying failure? Download my 5 Steps For Hiring Improvement, they'll walk you through creating an effective hiring approach that will increase your applicant flow by 50-300%.

Increase Qualified Applicants without spending money

Increase qualified applicant flow across the board.

Download this exclusive guide to improve your qualified applicant flow.

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