increase jobs visibility on indeed

How to Increase Your Job's Visibility on Indeed


The king of all Job Boards.

With 300 Million UNIQUE visitors a month [1] Indeed delivers over 2.5x more hires globally than other branded job sites combined. [2]

Indeed has effectively bridged the gap between employers and job seekers by providing access to top talent and new opportunities worldwide.

Indeed is a powerful tool. As a business owner, are you using it correctly?

How to get the most out of Indeed

In order to compete for talent on Indeed, here are a few things you can do to optimize your job ads to find and attract a larger pool of qualified job seekers.

A quick disclaimer... We are a Platinum Partner of Indeed and do not represent, nor speak on their behalf. These tips are a compilation of what we have learned while working with our own 10,000+ clients, coaching from our incredible Indeed representatives, Indeed's published resources, and a whole love of trial and error. Nothing in this article is intended in any way to try to manipulate or trick Indeed's algorithm.

First... Make sure you're using keywords

5 Tips to Increase Visibility on Indeed

Learn how to optimize your job ads on Indeed to attract qualified applicants

Make sure to pack your job ad with industry & position-specific keywords. Words someone would search for when looking for a position in your field. If you do, Indeed's algorithm will put your keyword-heavy ad at the top of the search results...right where you want to be!

Second... Create quality job titles - Your word count matters!

If you want candidates to find your jobs, you need a job title that your ideal applicant would be searching for! Make sure you're using a common and recognizable job title... this isn't the time or place to get creative.

We often see employers posting job ads with really creative job titles, but in reality, job seekers are searching for positions they KNOW, not some unique name made up by your internal teams. A creative job title isn't going to convince job seekers to learn more about your job vs your competitor's... in fact, it will likely do the opposite!

You want your job title to be concise and specific. It's best to keep job titles at about 5 words, or 35 characters, give or take, as this will be optimized for mobile devices!

Third... Write a killer job ad - and again, your word count matters!

Your job ad is the most important tool you can use to attract more qualified applicants without spending additional dollars.

Job ads that are between 700-2000 characters, or about 100-300 words, get up to 30% more applicants than other job postings.[3] Give the job seeker enough information so they're eager to apply and learn more about your position and your company.

Remember that you're writing a job ad, not a job description. Job descriptions are legal documents. They're created for internal use, to help HR and management know which jobs are in charge of which duties. Job ads advertise your company and your job openings, so make them exciting and easy to read! Your job ad is meant to entice people to apply.

But, be sure not to make your job ad all about your company, be sure to tell the job seeker what's in it for them. Highlight what makes you different from your competitors. Your job ad needs to explain why job seekers should want to work for you. This is your opportunity to sell your company as an employer of choice!

If you want to learn more about writing quality job ads, you can download our FREE Guide to Writing a Killer Job ad!

Fourth... Transparency is key - Indeed wants salary information!

65% of job seekers consider compensation as the most important factor when deciding whether or not ta apply for a new job! They're not going to waste their time applying for a job if they are uncertain that it will pay enough to meet their requirements. Save them the stress of guessing and let them know what the salary range is.

In preparation for new laws, Indeed's vision is to show salary information for every job on Indeed in the United States.

Jobs with employer-provided salary information are prioritized on Indeed and have been reported to receive 30% more apply starts per impression vs jobs without.[4]

Fifth... Sponsor your job ads!

Did you know 12 jobs are added to Indeed every SECOND? That means it's really, really easy for your job to fall deeper in the job search if you're not doing everything you can to increase your visibility. A proven way to increase visibility is to sponsor your jobs.

Sponsoring your job on Indeed makes it appear more often in job seeker search results and helps you gain higher visibility. Adding screening questions to your job postings is important to help filter out unqualified candidates. Indeed then allows you to reject those unwanted applications so you only pay for quality applicants!

We strongly encourage sponsoring your job ads only AFTER you have done the work to optimize your job titles, job descriptions, and job screening questions.

If you have any questions about any of these ideas, please click the button below to set up a time to chat with one of our experts!

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[1] Indeed Internal Data, average monthly unique visitors April - September 2022

[2] BreezyHR Source of Hire Report 2019 (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter)

[3] Indeed Internal Data

[4] Indeed Survey

increase visibility on indeed

Improve your job's visibility on Indeed!

5 Tips to Increase Visibility on Indeed

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