How to Get HR Software Buy-in

How to Get HR Software Buy-in

HR software can transform the way HR professionals do their job by increasing output and lowering overhead. Unfortunately, trying to build a case for HR software can feel like a daunting task for most individuals in HR due to the risk averse nature of the employees hired for these positions. Being the type of employee who weighs risk and eases into big decisions certainly helps lay a solid foundation for maintaining compliance; however, compliance isn’t everything. In fact, most HR professionals overestimate the weight of compliance in their position. What most HR professionals lack or at the very least, have a difficult time convincing the C-suite of is their ability to reason strategically and to view the scope of their job on an overall business level. This task tends to be more difficult because it’s not as easy to “measure” or to control as something more straightforward like compliance. Ensuring that one is able to apply strategic vision to their everyday contributions usually involves a complete mindset overhaul.

HR software can transform the way HR professionals do their job by increasing output and lowering overhead.

HR software buy-in requires that you consider what you can contribute to your business’s bottom line.

The first step in your journey to becoming an HR software purchasing pro is to stop thinking about what’s in it for you. Of course HR software will make it easier for you to do your job; that’s the point. If you choose an HR software platform wisely, it should not only help streamline your HR processes, but should also save you loads of money doing it! That being said, simply affirming and trying to convince your boss that your company should spend loads of money to make your life more convenient does nothing for the business overall – which is likely to be your executive team’s priority.

If you’re the type of person that feels uncomfortable asking for money (like most risk averse HR professionals) and you’re trying to build a case for HR software because you can see all the benefits, you’re going to need to build a pretty solid case for said software to bridge your discomfort gap. The best way to do this is to present a case for HR software buy-in that appeals more to the business overall than it does to your individual needs. For starters, you need to speak the language of business – money. If you’re not fluent in money and ROI, then you’re going to have a hard time convincing anyone at your company to buy anything.

What metrics or data should you consider to prove the value of an HR software platform?

Understanding that you need to shift your thinking from what’s in it for me to what’s in it for we (meaning your company) is the first step to bolstering your confidence to pitch HR software to your manager. Begin by identifying what your high impact HR metrics are. After you feel comfortable collecting the data and determining trends, you can pinpoint where and how you think HR software will improve these metrics.

You need to shift your thinking from what’s in it for me to what’s in it for we.

If you’re still struggling to distinguish which metrics create the highest impact, your safest bet is to look at your recruiting data for two reasons – the first is that oftentimes recruiting costs are going to be one of the biggest expenses you incur in HR, and usually the biggest budget eater for a company is its staff. The second and more important layer relative to filling empty seats at your company is that who you hire has the potential to make or break your company. Of course, one bad apple isn’t likely to ruin it for everyone, but a whole team of employees who underperform and create a negative company culture can definitely hinder organizational success. As a result, selecting HR software that will positively influence your highest impact metrics, you may want to start with a robust applicant tracking system.

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