How to Become Hiring Efficient

Chances are, you’re probably all too familiar with the phrase: “time is money.” In fact, I would venture to guess that time not only dominates much of your professional life, but also spills over into your personal life as well. In today’s day-in-age wherein everything is expected to be done “yesterday,” we’re forced to adapt our processes to mirror our daily demands created by what I like to refer to as “hyper efficiency” or we risk being left behind – this is precisely the topic I’ll be discussing in Thursday’s webinar except that it will be specific to HR Professionals streamlining their hiring strategy. There are three key components to this:

Use an online application

This is a fundamental component to optimizing your hiring process. In my opinion, it makes no difference if you’re hiring two people or 2000 employees a year and you can do it in one of two ways. One, is by adopting a hiring software like ApplicantPro which includes all the features to a streamlined hiring platform such as: a Careers site, screening/filtering capabilities, etc. And two is to build your own Careers site and upload an online application in a fillable pdf format or something similar.

Write targeted job ads

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the type of messages most companies are sending by creating a job ad that is meant to “scare” the majority of applicants away versus encouraging as many job seekers to apply as possible. You write an ad that appeals to people so you have a large pool to choose from and then use screening questions to whittle that group down to meet your minimum qualifications.

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Embrace video interviewing

there is SO much potential with this system and I seriously can’t wait for the day when this tool becomes “mainstream” in the HR world. The potential using this is unlimited because you have the ability to watch interviews on your own time as opposed to waiting to coordinate schedules (this is especially convenient when you want to conduct panel interviews, or second interviews). You can also require that each applicant who meets minimum qualifications submit a video response to questions you designate as important and then schedule a “live” interview with them later. It is such a time-saver!

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