Removing Toxic Employees to boost company morale

How Removing Toxic Employees Will Improve Team Morale

There are some employees that are considered toxic to the workplace. They destroy the morale in the workplace, and often create an environment that is polluted for their peers. Removing negative employees and team members can improve team morale in a number of ways.

What is a Toxic Employee?

A toxic employee is one that breeds discontent in the workplace. There is no way to fix them as they create problems for the customers and their coworkers. They lack the same ethics as others, and often come to work late, leave early, and take long lunches. Their lack of enthusiasm for the job causes others to pick up their slack. This can lead to frustration among the staff, and resentment from their peers. Some people call these toxic employees ‘energy vampires’ as they suck the life out of their coworkers. No one wants to work with them due to the way their style. Even if a person is performing well, the way they behave in the workplace can cause others to leave the job because they cannot work with them. These individuals are usually out only for themselves, and do not care about contributing to the team as a whole.

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How Toxic Employees Cost a Company Money

The individuals pulling on the morale of the company can easily destroy it. You will spend a great deal of money in turnover costs as you lose great employees simply because they cannot stand the toxic working environment. If a company does not take a stand against energy vampires, it sends a message the company tolerates this bad behavior. Other employees will stop working hard, and will go through the motions of a job. Some people end up stealing company property, spreading rumors, and destroying the reputation of the business.

Removing Toxic Employees

What is the best way to restore the morale in the workplace? You have to rid the office of the energy vampires. One thing many managers do end up doing is putting up with more than they need to before they feel ready to fire someone. If you spot a toxic employee, don’t wait to fire them. If you wait too long, you can end up losing some of your other employees that are performing well, and contributing to a positive working environment. Document the behaviors of the toxic employees to use when you terminate them. Show how their behavior is in violation of the company’s code of conduct.

Creating an Improvement Plan

The best way to keep the vampires out of your workplace is by creating a solid improvement plan. This plan will clearly address the concerns and consequences for behavior problems. If you hire a new person and notice they are starting to show signs of toxicity, address the behaviors early. Try to give them a chance to change before terminating them. If the behavior comes back, terminate them. This sends a clear message to the entire staff that this behavior will not be tolerated.

Fix Your Screening Process

It is vital to use a strong screening process to find the best job candidates. Hiring the right employees from the beginning can prevent your workplace from ever dealing with the energy vampires and the destruction they create.

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