Make Your Hiring Process a One-Stop-Shop

Make Your Hiring Process a One-Stop-Shop

It’s no secret that people have secrets – some of which have the potential to cripple your company if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect yourself during the hiring process. Fortunately, with the latest advances in technology, creating an application method that “qualifies” an applicant prior to hire time has never been easier (and realistically, never been cheaper either; as long as you know what to look for).

With the latest advances in technology, creating an application method that “qualifies” an applicant has never been easier

Gone are the days when an employer requested job candidates to complete a background check form and then fax it into a screening company who then either approved or disapproved the individual weeks later. Our processes have evolved, forcing business owners to ride the wave in the latest trends, or risk being left behind. One of the fastest growing hiring trends in today’s online centered world is integrating hiring tools into one multi-purpose and streamlined process simplifying hiring for both the employer and the future employee.

Let’s face it, we now live in a world wherein we’re expected to deliver the most amount of information possible in the shortest amount of time, and we demand to have it all without breaking the budget. If you are an organization that wants to have it all without wasting money, it makes sense that you would choose a background check system that is integrated with hiring software and here’s why:


Most companies prefer to have everything centralized in one easy-to-use system. A lot of ATS’s have a screening company integration that literally only requires clicking a button to request and view the results of a background check. This creates a process that is painless on both ends because HR only has to use one system, and the applicant completes some or all of the information necessary to order the check in the beginning phases of the application process. Less steps equals less errors. Another important piece of this puzzle worth mentioning is that legally, it’s much easier to protect yourself if everything is organized in one secure location. Most companies nowadays want to have quick and straightforward method for accessing information to maintain compliance in the event they get audited. Having both systems and the reporting in one place breeds peace of mind.

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Saves them money

This may sound counterintuitive, but more than likely, if two systems are combined into one, the price is usually cheaper and when you think about it, it makes sense. Instead of paying for two separate systems (individual setup fees, monthly rates, etc), a business is paying for an applicant software that has partnered directly with a screening company and so your fee as a business owner is whatever the fee is for you hiring software and either a set monthly fee for the background, or a fee per requested background; one integrated system means one check. Additionally, because we have a joined forces approach, each system can actually be less expensive for their clients since they’ve partnered with each other and now have access to a much larger pool of potential clientele than before which essentially drives their business forward without the need to charge their customers more.

Having both systems and the reporting in one place breeds peace of mind

More options

Chances are, if you’re using a hiring system with built-in backgrounds, there’s a high likelihood that you can choose other features to add in as well: assessments, payroll, etc and the ability to have those elements in your back pocket if you want them ensures that you can customize a process that is specifically designed to suit your employment needs. Not only will it attract that company and support its growth over time, but it will also draw a broad range of organizations ranging from small to large because the potential is limitless for whomever regardless of the organization’s size.

When it comes to incorporating applicant tracking systems and background screening, there really is nothing to lose. It’s a no-brainer for a business’s purchasing power because it has everything a company needs to hire the right people and the entire process is automated. So, background companies and ATS’s might as well encourage success by creating a joint product that has everything you need to attract a large pool of satisfied customers. ApplicantPro has screening and so many other features built in making it one of the most versatile systems out there.

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