change in indeed policy

Have you heard about Indeed's new policy?

Have you heard about Indeed's new policy?

Indeed has over 300 million visitors EVERY month! They also deliver over 2 TIMES as many hires GLOBALLY as their competitors do.

As the #1 job board in the world, there's no doubt that getting applicant traffic from Indeed is essential! And making sure we're always following Indeed's policies will help to ensure your job visibility is not harmed in any way.

This really is key to getting optimal traffic for your jobs on Indeed!

Indeed is making changes as of April 1, 2023

We wanted to make sure you were aware of an Indeed Policy going live on April 1st that may impact your job's visibility.

Here's a statement straight from Indeed...

"As part of Indeed's ongoing commitment to protecting job seekers' privacy and security, we are enforcing an existing policy that will prevent employers from asking job seekers for their full driver's license number, their full social security number (SSN), or their bank account information."

What does this mean for you going forward?

Going forward, if you ask for these pieces of information in your job screening questions or application process, it will hinder your job's visibility on Indeed and Indeed Apply will be disabled for your job.

As of right now, nothing is being built into the system to actually prevent you from posting a job and asking for this information.

We wanted to ensure that you are aware of this policy change so that your job ads are easily seen on Indeed!

Look over your current job ads and make sure you are not asking for this information anywhere in your job screening questions or application process. It's hard enough getting great applicants these days with the talent shortage, don't make it any harder on yourselves by not abiding by these new rules.

What if I have to collect this information for specific jobs?

If collecting this information is important for certain positions that you are hiring for, we recommend asking for this information after the initial application process on Indeed. You can still gather this from the candidates, just not on your initial application or in your job screening questions.

We think this change is a logical one and an overall good HR practice in genera.l We are happy to answer any questions you may have about it. We also hope to continue to do everything that we can to get the most visibility for your jobs on Indeed!

If you need any help making these changes to your jobs, click the link below to set up a chat with one of our experts.

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