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Don't Get Hung Up On The Wrong Rung, Great Hires Could Be One Step Away

In the last few weeks, I’ve provided tips on hiring different segments of employed job seekers. Segment number one, candidates looking for a better company to work for and number two, those who are looking to move into a new industry.

These two groups are definitely the easiest to hire and train - but if they don’t work for you...

Consider the third and final segment in this series, candidates that you can help move up the career ladder. This is my favorite segment and preferred target audience when I'm hiring employees at ApplicantPro. It gives me the chance to lift others up and provide them with opportunities they may not have received otherwise.

It may not be the easiest, it takes solid training and you have to be willing to fill in a few gaps but it also gives you access to a whole new, untapped target market with a ton of potential.

Check out this week's video as I wrap up my series on Job Seeker Segmentation to learn how you can convince great talent to step up so you can take advantage of this untried group and magnify the number of candidates applying for your jobs.

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To find and attract candidates that you can mold into great employees for your open positions, you’ll want to follow these four steps.

  • Find your feeder jobs
  • Tell them why they should want to move up
  • Make them feel qualified
  • Ask for feedback

When implementing these ideas, make sure to really put time and thought into #3. You can write a great ad, but to get candidates to apply they’re going to have to feel qualified for the position. Make sure you aren’t asking for more than you need in your requirements and qualifications area.

Think about what is absolutely necessary right off the bat versus things that can be trained and take a look at the video to learn more about how you can convince job seekers to move up into higher roles within your organization.

Ready to step up the quality of your ads? Check out our How to Write A Killer Job Ad Workbook to learn how you can advertise your jobs to a nearly intact group of job seekers in the market today to overcome the talent shortage.

increase applicant flow

Want to learn how to write better job ads?

Download our "Guide to Writing a Killer Job Ad" now! This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of writing job ads that get dramatic results.

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