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Combating the Applicant Flow Roller Coaster so You Come Out on Top

There are a lot of conflicting reports and comments out there talking about the super-high unemployment rate and how that must correlate to the world being in an employers market right now.

I've spent a significant amount of time lately digging into the data of the 7,000+ employers that I've worked with and what I'm finding is counterintuitive...

The fact is, across dozens of industries in every single state, overall applicant flow is down.

As the economy has opened back up for some industries, I noticed applicant flow was on an upward climb in May, but then totally plummeted in June and has remained down.

In today's video, I'm talking about how you can combat the down-hill roller coaster to ensure your applicant flow comes out on top. Check it out!

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If you're doing the same things that you were doing pre-COVID and expecting the same, if not better, results... you're never going to come out on top.

Chaos requires out of the box thinking.

It's time to approach hiring differently, starting with this 5-step plan:

  • 1. Pick a job to target

    Find a job in a different industry that is similar to the job you're hiring for so you can target job seekers with experience doing that job.

  • 2. Look at the differences

    Compare the differences in the experience of doing the job in both industries and focus on how the experience of doing the job in your industry is better. How is your grass greener?

  • 3. Create a compelling ad

    Speak directly to job seekers who have done, or are currently doing, the job in the industry that you are pulling from. Drop your industry-specific lingo and use terms that anybody in the general population can understand.

  • 4. Create a screening and selection process

    Remember, these applicants are going to be different, yet comparable, to the applicants than you might be used to.

  • 5. Focus on training these individuals

    Build on the knowledge and skills these job seekers have from their old industry and teach them what makes your job and industry different.

Ready to expand your company's paradigm with out of the box hiring?

Download my free Job Comparison Tool to help you highlight the differences that will make your job stand out!

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The Job Comparison Tool can put you a step above the rest!

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