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By: Caleb Larkin

Nurture Relationships with Hiring Managers

We discuss how you can build up your relationships with your hiring managers and give them the access they need to perform well in their position.

hr using social media apps to help find talent

By: Taryn Barnes

3 Social Media Sites to Use in Your Talent Strategy

Learn about 3 social media sites that will be a useful tool in your search for the best candidates.

By: Michelle Checketts

What if HR Was an Optimist?

In this article we evaluate five different HR behaviors and discuss the possibilities of operating HR through an optimistic perspective.

By: Michelle Checketts

6 Resume Tips Straight from HR

Make sure that your resume stands out and isn't dismissed with these 6 resume tips including refining your golden triangle, consistency, and editing.

By: Taryn Barnes

3 Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid

Job interviewing can be unsettling. Avoiding three interviewing mistakes can help your interviews run more smoothly and keep top talent in the running.

By: Amelia Wilcox

Corporate Wellness: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Learn tips on how to improve your employment engagement through corporate wellness tips such as productive naps, office zen, exercise, eating healthy.

By: Ryan Kohler

What Are Other HR Professionals Looking For In Hiring Software?

Find out what other companies are looking for in hiring software and how an applicant tracking system can help streamline your hiring process.

By: Ryan Kohler

ApplicantPro is more than an SaaS - It's an HR Solution

Learn about how ApplicantPro is much more than a SaaS: It's an HR solution for your hiring process.

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