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By: Kurtis Blackburn

When Work Works: Are Flexible Schedules The Key?

Catered lunches and yoga Mondays are great incentives, but what about flexible schedules? We believe the more flexible a schedule, the happier the employee.


Why HR Can't Live Without a Talent Pool (and Tricks for How to Build One)

With a properly utilized talent pool, the hiring process can go from hectic to heavenly. Are you make the most of your talent pool?

By: Angie Rupp

Using the FLSA Ruling to Bolster HR Credibility

The FLSA ruling is likely to affect most HR departments. However, how you present those changes, can help your company & show your strategic value.

By: Taryn Barnes

Independent Contractors: What HR Needs to Know About Compliance

Independent contractors are the new workforce. Find out how to protect yourself and your independent contractor while maintaining compliance.

By: Caleb Larkin

Improving Workplace Culture

Improving your employer culture can lead to higher employee satisfaction and more productive work environments. Find out how connect the culture dots here.

By: Steven Smith

Pay Transparency Policy Ruling – How Does it Affect HR?

The Pay Transparency Policy Ruling has a big impact on HR compliance. Here's what's you need to know to cover your legal bases.

By: Angie Rupp

Background Checks: How Compliant is Your Compliance?

We dive in deep into the world of background checks and tell you all you need to know about how to remain compliant when hiring a new employee.

By: Callie Hansen

The Ongoing Evolution of the Performance Review

Employers are ditching performance ratings in annual performance reviews. We break down why you should get rid of ratings and implement a new review process.

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