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By: Callie Hansen

The Power of a Question in HR

HR needs to ask more questions! In this article we discuss the power of a question and how HR can implement questioning in their hiring process.

By: Caleb Larkin

Nurture Relationships with Hiring Managers

We discuss how you can build up your relationships with your hiring managers and give them the access they need to perform well in their position.

By: Michelle Checketts

What if HR Was an Optimist?

In this article we evaluate five different HR behaviors and discuss the possibilities of operating HR through an optimistic perspective.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit for employers

By: Denise Kasanicky

What you need to know about Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) allows your organization to get money for hiring targeted classes such as disabled and unemployed veterans, SNAP, & TAFN.

By: Heidi Barnett

Women in Tech – SheTech Conference

SheTech helped over 900 girls cultivate their interests in math, science, and tech. We talk to Sara Jones about the event & how it helps more women in tech.

By: Sara Jones

Claim your seat at the table – Part 2

HR can use networking to claim your seat at the C-Suite table by building relationships, shining the spotlight, become a mentor, and finding a sponsor.

By: Ryan Kohler

HR Turnover – It’s More Dangerous than You Think

A break-down of why high HR turnover can negatively impact your company and waste your time and money.

By: Ryan Kohler

Hiring the Harvard Way (No Experience or Degree Required)

A discussion of a recent Harvard study that found college degrees and experience do not equal the performance necessary to perform the job you're hiring for.

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