Articles: Hiring Software

By: Ryan Kohler

How Onboarding Makes Life Easier for HR & New Hires

Onboarding new employees is very important to your recruiting process. Here are three ways that onboarding software can simplify and protect you.

By: Ryan Kohler

Reinventing Processes to Compete in Today's Hiring Game

In this article we discuss how to reinvent your hiring processes in order to compete in todays competitive hiring game.

By: Ryan Kohler

Why You Need Technology For Your Hiring Process

In this article we discuss why you need technology for your hiring process and why an applicant tracking system is the solution.

By: Ryan Kohler

Personal Development Through Free Education

In this article we discuss how personal development through free education can help your hiring process take flight.

By: Ryan Kohler

Thinking Day

In this article we talk about the importance of setting time aside for yourself and giving yourself a thinking day to reset and recharge new ideas.

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